Discontinued Products as of February 1, 2011

Belle Visage Sheer Foundations Series

Belle Visage Poudre Compactes


Creme Foundations~

P-3 Warm Pink

P-10 Auguste

P-101 Light Auguste

TW-27 Cocoa Tan

TW-28 Cinnamon

TW-29 Blush Sable


Matte Foundations~

Warm Olive Series (WO-1, WO-2, WO-3)

SO-3 Special Lt. Olive 3

SO-4 Special Lt. Olive 4

IS-10 Bare Olive

IS-23 Bamboo

IS-25 Bamboo Medium

IS-31 Chinois Light

IS-33 Chinois

IS-38 Burnt Almond

IS-44 Tan Suede

CN-004 Dune

EB-3 Coquille Beige

EB-5 Shibui

FT-1 Pale English

FT-2 Subtle Tan

CK-7 Age Stipple F/X Wheel (See CK-8)

CS-7 Sienna Orange Shadow (Now SC6)

CS-8Sienna Red Shadow (Now SC12)

CS-9 Sienna Deep Red Shadow (Now SC14)



MO-1 Mellow Orange Fair

MY-0 Mellow Yellow Lite

MY-3 Mellow Yellow Classic

NT-4 Tattoo Cover No. 4

FS-7 Five O’Sharp Cinnamon Beard Cover

SC-5 Dark Brown Special Dark Highlight


AC-1 Johnny Brown Aqua Crayons, 6 pk.

AC-2 Johnny Brown Aqua Crayons, 10 pk

ML-33 Lime Green MagiColor Liquid Paint

MC-21 Marigold MagiColor Pencil



LS-1 Lip Gloss

LS-25 Blush Lipstick

LS-27 French Mocha Lipstick

LS-29 Guava Ice Lipstick

LS-35 Vampira Lipstick

LS-39 Passion Flower Lipstick

LS-42 Softshell Lipstick

LS-43 Cinnaberry Lipstick

LS-44 Sheer Plum Lipstick

LS-45 Sheer Mocha Lipstick

LS-46 Shy Apricot Lipstick

LS-49 Cherry Cola Lipstick

LS-53 Sangria Lipstick

Lip Gloss (LG Series) .17oz/5gm. (Replaced with Stackable Lip Gloss LGS)

LGP-1 Lip Gloss Palette


Eyes Shadows~

ES-328  Pixie Pink

ES-39 Melon

ES-393 Just Nude

ES-395 Terra Cotta

ES-44 Goldenrod

ES-48 Toffee

ES-53 Ash Brown

ES-60 Bark

ES-67 Juniper

ES-70 Teal

ES-77 Brickstone

ES-79 Violeta


Dry Cheek Rouge~

DR-98 Autumn Sunset

DR-99 Orange Pop!

DR-112 Grape Vine

DR-25 Hazelnut



ESP-91 Artist’s Eye Shadow Palette

ESP-92 Powder Rouge Palette

ESP-95 12 Colour Pressed Palette