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The response to our expanded neutralizing palette has been positively electric.
Makeup artists, such as those on the television series ER and Frasier, say they
love the colors, creamy consistency and concentrated coverage.  This versatile
collection is the most comprehensive series available for concealing and
correcting facial imperfections, both temporary and permanent.

Each Series is designated by SC (Special Coverage) or MC (Maximum Coverage).
The latter contains maximum pigmentation in our special creme formula to hide
deepest discoloration.  Neutralizers may be applied beneath or over foundation.
Apply with a Flat or Dome brush; blend, then powder lightly before applying
foundation.  For intense discoloration, carefully apply additional layers of  

Conceal-All Palette: Four of our most useful concealers make this a very effective palette.
Excellent for touch-ups on the set, this is a must have for every makeup case.
NK-1/ .5oz./ 14gm. Shades: Tattoo Cover No. 2, Blue Neutralizer No.1 & 2; Red
neutralizer No. 1.  Applications 50-100

Total Conceal-All Palette: This quintessential, six color neutralizing wheel effectively
camouflages a myriad of discoloration.  Any artist will be fully prepared with this 
palette on hand. Blue Neutralizers No.1 & 3, Ultraceal No.4, Tattoo Cover No. 1, special Concealer 
Green No.1  Applications: 60-150

Special Highlight Yellow No. 1:  Enhance facial contours, such as cheekbones, and
customize shades with the subtle, versatile color.  Lightens neutralizers without greying
colors. (SC)  HY-1/.19oz/5.4gm  Applications: 30-75

Special Concealer Green No.1:  Apply to diminish deeper red and maroon discolorations.
Blend with Red Neutralizer shades as required.  Powder, then follow with foundation 
(SC) GC-1/.19oz/5.4gm  Applications: 30-75

Red Neutralizer: Three extremely valuable shades effectively conceal redness.  
Recommended as a pre-foundation facial corrector for capillaries, blemishes, scars,
bruises or sunburn. (SC)  NR/.19oz/5.4gm  Applications: 30-75

Blue Neutralizer:  These four shades quickly hide blue-hued discolorations such as
veins and dark under-eye circles.  Apply directly over facial imperfections.  Blend with
additional neutralizing shades and foundation as needed. (SC) NB/.19oz/5.4gm  
Applications: 30-75

Tattoo Cover:  Maximum pigmentation and distinctive color design combine to 
cover tattoos, bruises and other blue-green tints.  Apply prior to foundation and 
powder. (MC)  NT/.19oz/5.4gm  Applications: 30-75

Ultraceal:  These specialty shades erase most temporary and permanent skin 
discolorations.  Unique shades blend with skin tones for superb coverage.  Apply 
with Flat or Dome Brush beneath or over foundation.  Use to customize other 
neutralizing shades (MC) UC/.19oz./5.4gm.  Applications: 30-75

Mellow Yellow:  Ben Nye, Sr. Originated this total red concealer more than 30 
years ago.  Today, Mellow Yellow is one of the most valuable components for any
artist or actor.  Easily mutes sunburn, acne scars, capillaries and blemishes.  Available
in a Crayon as well. (NP-6) MY/.3oz/8gm  Applications: 40-120

Mellow Orange: A Ben Nye original, Mellow Orange shades contain the right 
amount of warmth to neutralize veins,  tattoos, bruises, under-eye discolorations and 
other blue-green imperfections. MO/.3oz/8gm  Applications: 40-120

Coverette Cover-up:  Conceal scar tissue, birth marks, Vitiligo and other skin 
imperfections.  Often recommended by surgeons and dermatologists for post-
operative discoloration.  Match shades to skin tone. CC/.3oz/8gm  
Applications: 40-120

Five O’Sharp:  A very useful series to conceal beard shadows, black eyes and chronic 
under eye circles.  Applauded by female impersonators! FS/.3oz./8gm.  
Applications: 40-100

Total Cover-All Wheel :  Ben Nye’s most popular neutralizing shades are now 
packaged in a six Wheel offering outstanding practicality and economy.
SK-100/1oz./28gm.  Shades: Mellow Yellow Fair & Normal, Mellow Orange 
Lite, Fair & Medium. Coverette Medium, Five O’Sharp Olive.  Applications: 40-100

Creme Highlight Wheel:  Four versatile shades for corrective, beauty, old age and 
character highlights. SK-2/.5oz/14gm.  Shades: Ultralite, Natural Lite, Lite, Deep  
Applications: 40-100

Creme Shadow Wheel:  Four indispensable contours for beauty, corrective, old age 
and character designs. SK-3/.5oz./14gm.  Shades: Medium Brown, Character Shadow, 
Dark brown, Natural Creme Rouge  Applications: 40-100

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