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Ben Nye's Professional Moulage Kit creates unparalleled realism in casualty simulation.  Civilian and military trainers say it's the most effective kit available on the market.  Certification Examiners for BTLS, ATLS and TNCC likewise endorse the quality of Ben Nye's Moulage materials for sharpening student's response skills.

It's easier that you think to create ultra realistic burns, blisters, cyanosis, lacerations, compound fractures, self made wounds and more with Moulage materials.  Practice is all that's necessary to achieve graphic realism.


THE PROFESSIONAL MOULAGE KIT includes sixty-four critical simulation materials and tools, expert directions and and a heavy duty carrying case.  All components are available individually with no minimum purchase.

THE MK-1 KIT CONTAINS: Cyanotic Blue Foundation;   Effects Wheels: Bruises, Trauma immolation, Burns & Blisters; Effects Foundations: Fair, Olive, Dark Brown; Wounds: Slit Throat, Bullet Holes, Exit Wound, Open Fracture, Jagged Cut, Deep Laceration, Avulsed Eye, Torn Cheek;   Gel Wound Simulation Pack;  Neutral Set Face Powder, Creme White Base, Thick Blood, Fresh Scab, Stage Blood, Bulk Blood Powder, Liquid Latex, Castor Sealer, Spirit Gum, Spirit Gum Remover, Lubricating Jelly, Petroleum Jelly, Simulated Charcoal Powder, Modeling Tools, Scissors, Spritzer Applicator, Puffs, Sponge Applicators, Stipple Sponge, Cotton Balls, Professional brushes, Swabs, Trauma Simulation Guide, and Carrying Case.



THE TRAMS SIMULATION GUIDE easily covers the most common casualty simulations with suggestions on setting up a mass casualty exercise.  Step-by-step photos clearly show details of makeup techniques for realistic effects. 


STATE-OF-THE-ART MOULAGE PRODUCTS INCLUDE: Thick Blood, Reusable Latex Wound Prosthetics, Gel Wound Simulation Pack, Modeling Wax, Cyanotic Blue Effects Foundation,  Trauma Simulation, Bruises, and Burns & Blister Effects Wheels, Stage Blood and Bulk Blood Powder. 

The Ben Nye Moulage Kit expertly provides Hollywood Quality realism.  It's the best way to train emergency personnel to be technically and emotionally prepared to save lives. 

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