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Introduction, Samples, and Special Offers

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Complete Ben Nye Makeup List

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Complete Ben Nye

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Ben Nye,  Sr’s influence in the theatrical arts now spans six monumental decades.  The original Ben Nye palette of colors and specialty products remain the cornerstone of our line today.

In the 1930's, Ben Nye, Sr. Revealed his creative talents as makeup assistant for the timeless classic, Gone with the Wind, where he transformed Vivian Leigh, Leslie Howard and nanny, Hattie McDaniels into unforgettable characters.  His achievements spanned motion pictures "Golden Age" during which he practiced his creative artistry for over 500 feature films and numerous television classics.  Intermezzo,  Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The King and I, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, The Sound of Music, and Planet of the Apes are just a few of the films that captured the hearts of movie-goers worldwide.

Our Catalog is greatly expanded with the addition of 200 new and useful  products.  Since 1967, our comprehensive line has steadily become the makeup standard for designers, makeup artists and performers though out the world.  More then ever, we are clearly focused on the needs of  all makeup professionals who continue to depend on Ben Nye’s legacy.

As President for the last two decades, I've had the opportunity to lead a growing team of people dedicated to providing you with exceptional products, incomparable service and innovative as we move toward the coming century.  Our foremost commitment is maintaining the consistent quality you expect from Ben Nye Makeup.  In the last two years, our pace accelerated to the unprecedented level.  We are proud to a leader in live Theatre with deep roots in the film industry.  Our goal is simple: Provide unparalleled resources to professionalism every arena of performing arts.

This 30th Anniversary Catalog brings you an increased selection of products.  Most notably, you'll find a significant expansion of our Color Cake, Creme and Matte Foundation lines. The 34 new Matte Foundations are designed to complement improved lighting techniques in film and theatre.  Our new Sahara Series features beautiful shades for African-American performers.  The Color Cake Series doubled in size with a total of 40 shades for face and body.

Reliance on our MagiColor Face Paints has grown stronger.  As a result, eleven vibrant MagiColor Aqua Paints and a new six-color Fantasy Kit has been added to the line.  Six new Liquid Face Paints provide greater design possibilities, while Neon Green and silver Prism Aqua glitters generate new dazzle.

After man long hours of research, we developed sixteen exceptional neutralizers, plus three Neutralizing Wheels to increase concealing capabilities for actors and artists.  We are grateful for the enthusiastic response form professional artists who quickly endorsed the effectiveness of our new colors.  Our collection of beauty products also expanded to include new shades of  Lipsticks, Lip Pencils, Eye shadows, and dry Rouges.

The innovations at Ben Nye Makeup are reflective of our ability to serve the needs of an expanding entertainment industry.  Thanks to all our loyal customers who give us continued inspiration to perpetuate Ben Nye’s tradition of creative excellence.

Dana Nye, President

The Ben Nye Company


We regret that we are no longer able to supply free samples and catalogs at this time without an order. This is effective 2/9/99.

If you wish to request a sample with your order, please refer to the information below:

The purpose of our sample program is to provide a small amount of the product to our customers who cannot visit us and use our tester boards to make their makeup selection.  The samples you will receive are the same amount as if you were to visit the store and take a tester sample.  Just enough to let you know the color contrast between your skin and the base, a swab of eye shadow on the back of your hand to show what it would look next to your skin, dollop of lipstick that you can place on your lips too see if the color is too dark or too light.  THESE ARE NOT FULL SIZE SAMPLES OR PRODUCTS.

Samples of Ben Nye makeup are available.  These include any creme based or loose powder products (Creme product samples, about the size of a pea, are placed in wax paper and placed in a plastic bag.  Loose powders and also placed in a small plastic bag). Samples of liquid products are also available (Liquids are placed in small glass vials and enclosed in a plastic bag). Samples of pressed powders or pancake makeup are also available at this time (Pressed powders and pancake are applied to a cotton swab and sealed in a plastic pouch).   Please limit your request to a maximum of 5 samples.  If you would like more than five samples they are available for 35 cents each.  Samples are included with your order.

TO REQUEST A SAMPLE OF A BEN NYE PRODUCT please review the line and make your selection. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR REQUEST FOR A CERTAIN ITEM.  WE NEED TO KNOW BOTH PRODUCT NAME AND NUMBER.  Please provide this information with your order.

Internet Specials

The following specials are available during the month noted.  You MUST request the special with your order and meet any requirements of that special. * Discounts, totals, or additional merchandise specials do not apply to Personal Student Kits (PK), Theatrical Kits (TK), or Film & Video Makeup Kits (FK).  These specials are for internet orders only and may not be combined with any other offer.  Free items will only be included when requested.

With every order over $75.00 you can an additional 20% of merchandise at no additional cost.  For example, if your order was $50.00 you could add up to $10 in additional merchandise at no charge.  If your order was $150 you could add up to $20 additional merchandise at no additional charge.

One free lipstick (LS) or two free lip liners (LP-19, 24, or 26) with any order of $75 or more.

One free mini powder (MP) with each order of $75 or more.  The mini powders include fair, neutral set, super white, coco tan, pretty pink, topaz, sienna, or chestnut.

If your order is $150 or more you can also request Banana Visage Poudre BV-1 shaker bottle or BV11 jar at no additional charge.

One free pressed Eye Shadow (ES) or Pearl Sheen Shadow (PS) or Dry Cheek Rouge (DR) with each order of $75 or more.

Purchase either one Poudre Compactes (CP) or one Natural Blush Compactes (PB) or one Contouring Rouge Compactes (DC) for 50% off the regular price with each order of $75 or more.

One free Hydra Cleanse (HR-1), Oil Free Makeup Remover,  with each order over $75.

20% off any item with "red" , "white" or "blue" in its name. No minimum order.

10% off all purchases (excluding PK, TK, FK, & MK).
$75.00 Minimum Order.

With each purchase totaling $75, purchase any neutralizer or concealer product for 50% off the list price.
  The price of the concealer or neutralizer cannot be used in totaling your purchase.   If your order was $150, then you could purchase two concealer or neutralizer products at 50% off.

Receive a set of  "How To" makeup sheets with every order of $75 or more.  They tell you how to do step by step clown, 3-D special effects (cuts & bruises), werewolf, vampire, witch, old woman, skeleton, old man, vampire and cat makeup.

Order any brush for 20% off the regular price (FB, DB, AB, KB, RS, RB or PA) with any purchase of $75 or more.  The price of the brushes may help you to make the $75 minimum. You may order as many brushes as you like.

With each purchase of $75 receive a Lumiere Grand Color (LU) or Lumiere Luxe powder (LX) at no charge. If your order is over $150 you can also receive either a Fireworks Fantasy Wheel (FW) or Lumiere Wheel (LW) at no charge.

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Complete Ben Nye Makeup List




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